In response to the latest government Covid regulations and guidelines in England, and after seeking God’s will in prayer, our building is once again fully open for public worship on Sundays.

Neither face coverings nor social distancing are any longer required, although individuals are welcome to continue with both as a matter of personal choice. Hand sanitisers are available on entering and leaving the building.

After the service we are now able once again to meet together in the adjacent hall over tea and coffee. For those who may still prefer a less enclosed social space our garden is available and equipped with tables and chairs.      The garden is also open during the week.


This is our building on the corner of Durham Rd and Pemberton Rd DH88JG


What Happens?     

The service normally starts at 10.30 and lasts for an hour.  Everyone is welcome – Jesus invites everyone, no exceptions.

The format of the service can vary and there is no formal liturgy. As with most reformed churches we often focus on the word, in songs, prayers, readings, and spoken reflections.

Jesus always welcomed children and we try to do the same.  We celebrate children, recognising their spirituality and faith potential. Accompanied children are normally catered for in all of our services.

The building is on a steep hill and access can be tricky for those using mobility aids so there is a separate mobility friendly entrance which avoids the steep steps and difficult gradients – the door steward will guide you.  A hearing loop is installed to help those using hearing aids.

The communion meal is at the heart of Christian gathered worship and must not be treated lightly. At Blackhill we practise an open table and anyone who wants to know Jesus better is welcome to take bread and wine when communion is served at the end of the service on the 3rd Sunday of each month. If you prefer not to take communion then simply do not take the offered bread and wine and you can receive a blessing instead – there is no fuss either way.

Through communion we experience the benefits of the risen Christ with us now. By the presence of the Holy Spirit, Christ comes amongst those who gather in his name to seek him. It is not that he comes in the bread and wine as such, but in the church’s shared action of eating bread and drinking wine with each other. In this way communion becomes a means of experiencing  grace – God’s free and undeserved/unearned love and favour, a way in which that grace is communicated to the people of God for their health and renewal. The Lord’s Supper proclaims the present experience that Christ comes to us by the Spirit.

For further Baptist Union guidance on The Lord’s Supper, go to the link;

There is ample unsecured car parking in the church car park across the road, in Valley Gardens.


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