Who we are


The Church is the people, not the building.



This is our building on the corner of  Durham Road and Pemberton Road  DH88JG. 

We are a small friendly church that meets every Sunday morning. The service starts at 10.30am and lasts for up to an hour and a half. Everyone is welcome – Jesus invites everyone to the party with no exceptions!

The building is on a steep hill and access can be tricky for those using mobility aids. We have therefore engineered a separate mobility friendly entrance which bypasses the difficult gradients. Please ask the door steward for details as the route is not yet signed. A hearing loop is installed. If you have any concerns about your needs being catered for, please contact the church secretary for advice and information – tel:01207 509008

Communion is not to be treated lightly. At Blackhill we practise an open table and all who know and love the Lord Jesus are invited to take bread and wine when communion is served at the end of the morning service on the 3rd Sunday of each month. If you prefer not to take communion then you can simply allow the offered bread and wine to pass by and receive a blessing instead – there is no fuss either way.

Through communion we experience the benefits of the risen Christ with us now. By the presence of the Holy Spirit, Christ comes amongst those who gather in his name to seek him. It is not that he comes in the bread and wine as such, but in the church’s shared action of eating bread and drinking wine with each other. In this way communion becomes a means of experiencing  grace, God’s free and undeserved/unearned love and favour, a way in which that grace is communicated to the people of God for their health and renewal. The Lord’s Supper proclaims the present experience that Christ comes to us by the Spirit.

For further Baptist Union guidance on The Lord’s Supper, go to the link; https://www.baptist.org.uk/Publisher/File.aspx?ID=168464&view=browser

The service is fairly informal in that there is no set format, liturgy or responses, and it can vary in style depending on who is leading. We sing a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs. Our pianist Mrs Jean Stokoe recently retired after many years (love and thanks to her) and we now use a digital music system to provide backing music to our  singing, or a guitarist sometimes leads.

Currently we are not blessed by many children, just one or two on average. Nevertheless children with parental supervision are very welcome, and we are not bothered by babies who might need to express themselves! After an initial time sharing in prayer and worship children usually leave to take part in their own activities in Sunday Club.


After the service, which is usually in the main church building, everyone is invited to stay for tea/coffee and biscuits  (occasionally cake!) in the church hall adjacent to the main building.


There is ample unsecured car parking in the church car park across the road, in Valley Gardens.


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