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Halloween was a Christian festival specifically to remember the dead – originally saints (hallows), martyrs, and all who died in the faith. Not scary at all really since the dominant culture was one of religious belief, but lovingly remembering and honouring the dead. Latterly as Christianity declined and all but disappeared in this country it became the now familiar American import, a childrens’ scary delight in all things spooky. Special cakes were once baked called soul cakes to be given to children who begged for them at the door and who sang and prayed for the dead of the household. Today death is taboo as faith in God and belief in an afterlife as promised by Jesus has declined and Halloween (the eve of All Hallows day) is a commercialised non-religious frightfest involving plastic skeletons and children in fancy dress escorted around the neighbourhoods for fear of lurking abductors to grab sweets or throw eggs.

We could return to some of the traditions, with or without religion. A special vegetarian family meal (no meat being a symbol of fasting) with traditional soul cakes (research the recipes), with family photos of beloved relatives and friends since departed, at the table or close by, honoured by the lighting of candles. On All Hallows itself graves could be visited and lamps lit and flowers left as remembrance offerings. Remember the dead, talk to them and about them.

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Messy Church

Please note that due to staff shortages Messy Church is now every 2 months and not monthly as previously. Messy Church dates are: Friday 18th October, 13th December, 14th February, 20th March.


Weekly Notices

Blackhill Baptist Church Notices  27th October 2019

27th October


led by Mr Joe Wilkinson


Tea & Coffee served in the Hall after the service

Mon 10.30am  BIBLE STUDY (house group)

Please ring Elaine for venue  07890015758



Tues 7.00pm  BIBLE STUDY in the new room,

a 12 week session on Prayer. An adventure with God

Wed. NO CROSS ROADS COFFEE (half term)



Saturday 1.00pm  CONSETT GAMES CAFÉ   in the church hall,
Sunday                          3rd. Nov 10.30am JOINT SERVICE  @ Blackhill Methodist Church


7.30 for 7.45pm REVIVE  @ Consett Methodist Church

Guests: The Gideon’s Society


Back on 6th Nov.